To put it simply, I love love love the violin. I love all music but I have a certain "thing" for my instrument. Maybe that's just it, I play it. Biased? Possibly. At age 5, when my first violin came in the mail, I ran around the house thinking it was a new toy I could smash against a wall. Thanks to my dad, who is a very accomplished pianist, I never quit. As awful as the screeching sounds were for the first few years, they slowly began to sounds a little more like music, day by day. To this day, I couldn't be more thankful I stuck with it. I am not even close to the end of my musical journey. I honestly learn something new every day. There are still so many things I am working on and working to overcome. I am aspiring to go to College on a music scholarship and either major or double major in Music Performance. The great thing about what I do is there is always a new door that can be opened, another opportunity, another experience. This business is just one more avenue of doing what I love.

In 2007, I competed in the Big Bend Community Orchestra Concerto Competition and won first place. Playing on stage for a large audience of people, backed by a full orchestra is a feeling like no other. This was one of the first times I fully felt the effects of playing music. I attended All State in 2006, 2008, and 2009. I went to Florida State Music Camp the summers of 2006 and 2007, both times on scholarship. Last year I was accepted and offered a scholarship to Cannon Music Camp in Boone, North Carolina. I had the time of my life and met many inspirational people who completely changed my outlook on playing. I got to improvise with other musicians, as well as play solo with the Orchestra and be a part of the Honors String Quartet. This year I was invited back to Cannon Music Camp and will be attending on full scholarship.

Currently, I play in the Tallahassee Youth Symphony Orchestra, TSYO Quartet, and the Chiles High School Chamber Orchestra. I am extremely blessed to be a part of these ensembles. Fortunately, Tallahassee is the home of Florida State University, and we gain so much from the resources provided through their music program. This includes great teachers, a great environment, and extremely talented musicians. The Tallahassee Youth Symphony Orchestra is one of the musical jewels in Tallahassee. We pack full houses at almost all of our concerts and  many of our alumni go on to attend some of the greatest music Conservatories and schools in the country. The TSYO Quartet plays at each concert, and we were extremely excited to perform a difficult Shostakovich piece at our Benefit Concert this year. In addition, this year was a milestone for our High School Orchestra. We competed at the ASTA National Orchestra Competition and received first place. This was huge! We worked harder than anyone thought possible. Everyone stepped up to the plate and we accomplished, with flying colors, what we set out to do.  

Lately I have been looking into different types of music. I love Jazz and Modern Classical. I love jamming with other musicians and playing things other than standard classical. I want to branch out and try different styles, as well. I'm pretty much up for anything. Violin has many different facets that people rarely get to see. Through this business, we will hopefully be able to open people's minds to classical, as well as other styles of violin music.





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